S2.5E4: What Sucks Today: An Ashen Rain

It’s “fire season” in California, where I live, which means that at this moment there are roughly 6 large forest fires blazing in a 50 mile circle around where I live. That, consequently, means that literal ash is falling from sky, covering things, in a miniature version of what happened in Pompeii in 79AD (on August 24th). It’s making it hard to breathe, to the tune of “worst air quality on Earth”, which means we have to stay indoors, during a heatwave in an area where no one has air conditioning. If you do have air conditioning, just know that recirculated air increases the risk of contracting COVID-19 (in public buildings). So that’s all just peachy. 2020 seems to have a never ending bag of awful tricks, and it makes me wonder if the worst will happen in the coming months. I don’t want to think about what the worst IS, but I am bracing myself.