S2.5 E1: What Sucks Today: June 3rd Massacre Anniversary

As the hiatus goes longer and longer, there are too many things to leave till our schedules align. So we’ll be posting mini-episodes we are referring to as “What Sucks Today”. Hopefully, you’ll like them, even if the subject matter is not something that brings joy.

Today is the first anniversary of the 29th of Ramadan massacre in Khartoum, when the Military Transitional Council stepped aside and allowed the RSF (Janjaweed) to sweep into the sit in protest with guns and fire, leaving hundreds dead. We had a full episode about it, but I wanted to commemorate the day with a short comment. This is especially relevant against the background of the protests currently taking place in the United States sparked by yet another murder of an unarmed black man, George Floyd, in Minneapolis, MN.

S1 E7: Ramadan 2019 Special

It’s that special time of year again! Ramadan 2019 y’all! Get ready to … go without food or water, I guess? I’d like to say that it took us a month to get to this because we were busy researching and preparing, but honestly (because at Ramadan you tell the truth [shout out to that awful movie, Love, Actually]) we just got busy and couldn’t get it together. So … yeah. Enjoy these very holy laughs and hot takes.

S1 E2: Growing up Muslim – the Holiday Edition

Growing up in NY in 1980’s we were essentially living in a Sudanese bubble, that we ventured outside of when we went outside. We were able to watch the world around us celebrate the holidays (like Christmas and Halloween) without necessarily fully taking part. Welcome to episode 2 of What Sucks This Week: the holidays.